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While the education in Bangkok and major cities of the country are being developed continuously, many children who live in remote rural areas don’t have the opportunities to go to school because of the poverty of the family and a lack of resources and educational facilities, both a teaching aid and education personnel. With recognition of the disparity in education which is a key factor in the development of the country, “Rural Teacher Development Foundation” was established in 2001 with the intention to give rural children more opportunities as well as to improve the quality and standard of their education. In 2003, “Rural Teacher Development Foundation” was renamed “Teacher Plus Foundation” to improve educational personnel in rural schools. The Foundation encouraged teachers to develop themselves and their teaching methods continuously by designing an effective method of teaching basic English and lessons planning for teachers through several workshops organized in various regions. The Foundation Board of Directors recognized the variety of social problems at present such as eldery care, victims of disasters who also need help. Therefore the Board has expanded its objectives and renamed the Foundation to “Navatham Foundation” on 31 August 2012. The Foundation still continues to develop education in rural areas including the promotion of culture, moral and religious.
      1. Promote and Support the students education. For equipment, materials and scholarship to give an opportunity.
      2. Give non-urban students educational opportunities equal to urban students.
      3. Promote and Support professional training education project to make the commonweal.
      4. Assists pauper and elder. Support an important equipment.
      5. Assists people afflicted by accident and natural disaster.
      6. Promote culture and preserve religion. Reinforce virtue and morality.
      7. To cooperate with other charity organizations for public interest.
      8. Carrying out and implementing non-political projects and activities
Board of Directors
  • Mr. Suchin Wanglee
  • Mr. Nipol T. Jeerawong
  • Mr. Pitiphong Bisalputra
  • Ms. Anukul Thitikulrat
  • Ms. Sukanya Pantapatkul
  • Ms. Charuwan Chabchamrun
  • Mrs. Napaporn Landy
  • Mrs. Jintana Chaimoenwongse
Navatham Foundation History
While an education in urban Thailand has improved a lot , but non-urban schools lag far behind. This gap is widening as fewer and fewer qualified teachers are willing to work upcountry. Navatham Foundation know this gap, so we want to improve the non-urban students educational opportunities equal to urban students. ........................ read more
25th-27th Floor, Sathorn Nakorn Building, 100/48-55, 90/3-6 North Sathorn Road, Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok, Thailand 10500

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